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Floppy store, used Choquin pipes for real enthusiasts.

The Floppy online store offers its customers a truly vast and refined catalog of burned-in pipes.
You can buy through online sales directly here as you can visit us in the store in San Benedetto del Tronto.
Original Choquin products, used pipes that cannot be found often out of production that we rigorously always clean and sterilize first to satisfy the passion of each of our customers.

Search the Butz Choquin models that we present here for more information.

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The combination of a Canadian and a Dublin combined with fine and homogeneous sandblasting give life to this fabulous French pipe  Very Old Pipe probably dating back to the 80s. The internal mouthpiece and stove are like new A...
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Exceptional Flamed stand up, its flat bottom allows it to be placed on any surface Ergonomic and pleasant to hold. This French gem will make your smokes enchanting Very Old Pipe probably dating back to the 70s. The internal m...